Jordan Cadrin, Interactive Advertising
Business, Computer Services, Two Years experience
Vancouver, British Columbia
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Our business philosophy: Create more value than you capture.

Interactive Advertising was created because of the failure of traditional advertising agencies to change with the shifts in consumer behaviour.

Traditional advertising agencies rely too heavily on traditional outbound marketing techniques, like TV and telemarketing, distancing themselves from the nitty-gritty operations side of direct consumer contact marketing.

Businesses simply can no longer rely on creating lofty brand awareness campaigns, in this digital age.

Consumers have now assumed control over their purchasing process. Consumers know what they want to purchase, and object to businesses that try to force-feed them messages. Consumers have over a billion Internet pages at their fingertips. They actively research online before making purchase decisions. They use forums, follow industry news on Social Media, and even have blogs posting reviews for the world to see of the products and services they have used.

The Internet has filtered the excessive marketing clutter produced by outbound techniques. This has dramatically changed consumers buying behaviours. Because of this shift, we believe it is time for businesses to concentrate on inbound marketing techniques.

Inbound marketing involves creating an integrated online process that uses original content to provide educational and salient advice to consumers, helping them with their purchasing decisions. We will help you develop original content like blog posts, which will attract interested and engaged prospects, who will begin to associate and rely on our you as an active thought leader in your industry.

This significantly bolsters your online reputation by getting pages indexed on Search Engines like Google, via “inbound links,” leading to an increased level in visitors to your website. We put systems in place to track the progress of all inbound marketing campaigns, and our systems allow us to adapt our strategies based on solid analytical metrics to ensure improvements over time.

We have worked closely with technology companies to develop more results-driven services and more efficient processes, drawn on the teachings of industry luminaries, and we’re influenced by the business models of legendary organizations such as Apple, and Google.

Our marketing dashboard cost over $500 000 in it’s initial development phase, and is constantly being updated.

We are the breath of fresh air the marketing world has been gasping for. We had the foresight to see the inevitable shifts of the business world, and we adapted to them. Make the switch to an inbound-oriented strategy early in your marketplace, have us execute it perfectly, and you will have a leg-up on your competition like no other.

Our business co-ordination department creates tailor made strategies that bundle web development, brand marketing, search marketing, social media marketing, content marketing (such as video marketing), and public relations, with the goal of a high return on investment for your business.

We believe it is important for us to educate and improve the marketing agency industry. Which is why we provide so much educational content to our partners. We take tremendous pride in working with savvy businesses who are ready to embrace inbound marketing.

In a time when others are unwilling to accept the shifts in marketing, our commitment to changing the course for our clients, as well as the world at large, is something we are incredibly proud of.

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