Brett Ainslie, Brett Ainslie
Marketing, Video Editors, Three Years experience
Wallingford, Connecticut
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Business Profile
Brett Ainslie is a freelance Motion Graphics Artist and Video Editor. Proficient in Final Cut Pro, and Adobe After Effects, Brett specializes in creating 2D "Explainer Videos" or "How it Works Videos" for small businesses from script to to finish. An explainer video is often a fun 1-2 minute video explaining a business concept, or how a product works. Unlike many ads such as commercials, explainer videos do not market by telling to buy, rather, they market by entertaining and informing, which encourages sharing via social networks and creating a more personal buzz, drawing your targeted audience to sale. They are also more easily searchable online by informing an audience.

Brett continues to edit videos and create short 5-15 second intro videos for series' as well.
Video Gallery
Cheese Chick Promotional Video
Cheese Chick Productions Promotional portfolio video.
Nerium Intro
Intro video for a skin product sales rep for Nerium.
Fizara Intro
Intro video for a photo album company called Fizara.
Crowdzu Crowdfunding Explainer Video
Explainer / How it Works video for a crowdfunding platform called Crowdzu.
Maly Marketing Intro
Intro video for Maly Marketing. Outro also created.
The Sports Wonk Explainer Video
Explainer video / How it Works video for The Sports Wonk online sports community.
Brett Ainslie Showreel 2012
Compilation of motion graphics, animation and editing works from 2011-2012 by Brett Ainslie.
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Work Gallery
Chutney Bottle 3D Render
Chutney Bottle 3D Render
3D bottle render for a chuntey company to be used in a 3D animation I have created for their marketing.

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