Why Work with Properpick?

Imagine a moment of connecting with a consumer in a “personal way.” Video humanizes an otherwise “impersonal” perception of a professional business or service. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can help distinguish your business from the crowd, attract new consumers, build loyalty, inspire consumer confidence, and cultivate relationships with consumers.

In this ever-changing digital world, the power of video captures the first impressionable glimpse of your business or service to consumers. Millions of consumers use multiple channels online to research suitable and affordable services, to fulfill their highest expectations. Engage and interact with consumers to influence purchasing decisions with the impact of video marketing.

A phenomenal array of cyber information is at a consumer’s fingertips. Today’s society has developed a growing expectation for instant gratification. The effects of the Internet has resulted in limited patience and decreased attention spans in our American culture.

Why Properpick?  Think video, the personal way.

Properpick is an online business directory designed specifically for service providers to promote their services to their local market. We enable professional service providers to create a “personal connection” and build trust with prospective consumers. We invite consumers to “search and choose” the service provider, that is a perfect fit for their individual needs.

Our mission is to provide the most professional and personalized service providers for consumers. Own a small or large business? We can help you create a customized and affordable marketing platform of compelling, entertaining, and informative videos to advertise your business or services. Video is a growing technology. So, join our video movement of providing an exclusive marketing opportunity.

Properpick’s Personal Connection. Video Marketing. Custom Marketing Channel.

    • Reach customers in a unique, affordable and user-friendly outlet.
    • Connect with your target audience utilizing the personal touch of video.
    • Customize your video offerings to reach consumers’ personal needs.
    • Expand your profile by uploading unlimited videos, text, and pictures at any time.
    • Engage in a LIVE chat with your website visitors.

Properpick’s “Deal of the Day” Special Exclusive Offers to Consumers

    • Maximize your exposure by sharing exclusive offers such as a “Deal of the Day.” Design your own cost saving deals such as promotions, coupons, or contests for a limited time.
    • Gain control of your promotional activities by creating your own custom marketing platform.
    • Record a “short and catchy” promotional business video with your home video device.
    • Send direct links of your portfolio/work samples by using your Android phone recording app.                                                                                                                                                       

The invention of video has proven itself to have the biggest impact on modern life.  The first video camera was demonstrated on April 14th, 1956.  Historic inventors Ray Dolby, Charles Anderson, and Charles Ginsberg invented the very first video camera. This timeless invention recorded video and sound at the same time. Sony introduced the first home video recorder in 1963. The first VHS video was introduced in September 1976.

The innovation of video has come a long way since 1956.  Video is a difficult invention to ignore in the twenty first century.  Get noticed! Let us help you expose your business or service in the video age of a new generation.   Click here to get started!

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