Valentine’s Day Video Advertising for Your Small Business: Top Trends: How to Advertise Special Offers & Promotions to an Impressionable Consumer

Celebrating the love and romance of Valentine’s Day is a profitable spending trend for most, if not all love-filled consumers. Small business owners cannot afford to not benefit from this piece of the “lovebird pie.” Imagine positioning your services to cater the ever-changing demands of your “hopeless romantic” customers. Posting about topics, holidays, and current events that your existing website followers or social media butterflies can help revolutionize an ongoing and prosperous fan base. These loyal followers would take advantage of the most popular search trends and potentially cause your media efforts to skyrocket into a viral video frenzy, which would result in the ultimate advertising campaign for any small business in today’s marketplace.

Think Video & Social Media Strategies: Valentine’s Day Advertising Campaigns: 

1. Peak consumer interest by “showing the love” for the holiday spirit with the feeling of festive branding tactics.   Display the traditional red, pink, and white colors of Valentine’s Day by incorporating this theme on your website and social media channels. Love-related visual elements such as hearts, cupids, or roses will lure consumers into noticing your Facebook cover photo, Twitter background/header, or Google+ header. This spreads goodwill and helps stand out your small business from the other competitors in your local area.

2. Post status updates by merging your brand and the Valentine’s theme.  Use your company, product or service while refraining from being overboard on promotional offers or special deals. These kinds of posts go viral because they’re seen for entertainment value as opposed to your businesses’ profitable gain. Upload a promotional video to Properpick’s “Deal of the Day” to spotlight your special Valentine’s Day offer to consumers searching for cost-effective deals. Feature a two minute or less video, as your Valentine’s status updates, by including the hashtag #ValenProperpick.

3.  Influence your audience to engage in sharing the Valentine’s Day spirit, to develop some user-generated content . Organize and promote a video contest by asking users to upload their Valentine’s videos and share them online with their friends, family, and co-workers. After your prospects have uploaded their photos, announce a worthwhile prize or prize package for the winning couple, and advertise the event through your website and social networks.

Why not make a “love connection” with your existing and new customers on Valentine’s Day? Prepare and plan well in advance and develop a clever strategy to cast a widespread advertising campaign, but don’t dilute the power of the holiday with overly promotional media efforts. Thinking out-of-the-box with your marketing plan is the everlasting key to creating a memorable and genuine impression of your target audience so much, that a select few might even “fall in love” with your brand and services all-year-round. Showcase your Valentine’s Day special offers by uploading your video advertising campaign to our “Deal of the Day.” .

Want more helpful tips or seeking advice about video marketing? Ask Dawn Rector, Marketing Director, at , or 317-643-0955.

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