Properpick is Proud to Announce Our First Annual Back-to-Class Brain Buster Trivia Challenge Winner, Matthew Bassette!

Congratulations to Matthew Bassette, who earned our distinguished title of the FIRST honorable "Ultimate Brainiac Buster!"

Matthew Bassette proved to us that he is absolutely & without a doubt smarter than his 12th grade teacher!

Matthew answered ALL of the seven trivia questions about school subjects (History, Geography, Science, Math, Health, Art & Music), correctly & won a $200 Visa Gift Card for showing us his “brainiac talents.”


I got “up close & personal” with Matthew and asked him what his best & worst (or least favorite) school subjects were in school, while growing up in Agawam, Massachusetts. Also, I “drilled” Matthew about which subjects were the easiest & hardest to answer during our contest. Finally, I asked Matthew what he plans to do with his "small fortune" from our giveaway.

"I’m a trivia buff. I watched Jeopardy all of my life. I try to answer the questions all of the time. I love History (and it was my best subject) and Math is my least favorite (as it was my worst subject). I’d say Math was the hardest and music the easiest subjects,” according to Matthew Bassette.

According to Bassette, “We are planning a getaway to Gloucester, Massachusetts, in September, so the winnings will come in handy!”


Matthew is a nativof Agawam, Massachusetts. He loves to fish, golf, play his electric guitar, & enjoys taking his dog for rides in his "good ole truck" in the country.

We salute Matthew Bassette for winning our FIRST Back-to-Class Brain Buster Trivia Challenge! Congrats & Well Played, Matthew!

Coming Soon! Chance to Win our NEXT  Big Holiday Giveaway. Stay Tuned for MORE Details!

Got Questions? Go to or Ask Dawn Rector, Marketing Director,,, or 317-643-0955. 

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