Inspire Your Wedding Videographer to Shoot a Vintage Summer Wedding: Part 2: Super 8 Film & HD Digital Video Tips

Envision a vintage-style summer wedding that reflects back to the roaring 20’s, sweetheart 40’s or fabulous 50’s. Escape into the retro 50’s with a decadent blue silk satin cocktail party wedding gown. Honor 20th century women from past decades of the 40’s, with a white daisy fascinator veil or an “old Hollywood” starlet hairstyle of classic pin curls or a side roll updo from the 50’s rock-n-roll era.

Something Old or Something New? The film world and digital “editing” age can partner together by connecting Super-8 Cameras to Super-8 Film by digitally editing actual footage, when the film's shooting has "wrapped up," then processed and finally transferred to digital video. Non-Linear Editing Systems, NLE, (Digital or Computer Editing) are providing innovative methods of digital editing tricks & techniques for Super-8 Film, which showcases a timeless “vintage effect” for one of your most memorable life events.

According to Jaime Miller, Founder, Intensity Productions, “Shooting digital gives you a greater range to work with and a less stressful shoot. With digital, you can have many memory cards and batteries that can be swapped out in a matter of seconds. If you were shooting with film, you have a minimum of a few minutes to swap out the film reels. The process to swap out the film has to be done in a light proof tent and all by feeling.

“Doing this in the middle of a wedding is a difficult task and can leave room for error, especially when you only have one shot to get the rings on the finger or the first kiss. You want as little to go wrong with your gear as possible. Eliminating this room for error is a stress relief and allows the wedding videographer to capture every moment with ease. You don’t want to tell the bride or groom their video didn’t come out and there’s no way of fixing it,” Jaime Miller, Founder, Intensity Productions, said.

Need Advice? Ask an Expert! Jaime Miller, Founder, Intensity Productions, a full service video production company,can provide expert insight about the pros and cons of using Super 8 film vs. digital film for your wedding videography events or film making projects this summer!

Want More Helpful Wedding Videography Tips & Tricks?  Go to or Ask Dawn Rector, Marketing Director, at,,, or 317-643-0955.

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