Inspire Your Wedding Videographer to Shoot a Vintage Summer Wedding: Super 8 Film & HD Digital Video Tips

Imagine wearing either a non-traditional 60’s or 70's vintage-inspired wedding dress, while carrying a freshly picked bouquet of orchids, lilacs and freesia flowers bound with ribbon from a nearby farm field.  Step back into the golden age by modeling a fashionable early 20's to late 50's classic cloche or feather-adorned fedora hat on your special vintage-themed wedding day.

Why not combine the latest technological advances of HD digital video with the timeless and nostalgic effect of Super 8 film (8 mm film), to shoot your summer wedding? Super 8 film, a motion picture format, captures a soft, romantic & life-changing era of the '60s or '70s. It reminiscences us back to the pioneering days of the "first home movies" ever made & exhibited at the 1939 World's Fair in San Francisco, CA & New York City, NY.

Planning a non-traditional vintage-themed wedding this summer? Weddings shot on Super 8 film produce an old-fashioned style that connects you to a nostalgic past, while HD digital video maintains a high resolution & classic traditional look of today’s modern bride.

According to Jaime Miller, Founder, Intensity Productions, “I have used Super 8 film to shoot a few different projects, but never a wedding. In today’s day and age, using film is a time consuming task. You have the chance of the film not coming out right or at all. Super 8 is a great medium to shoot on, but it really depends on your time frame and lighting conditions. When shooting a wedding, you have one chance to capture the moment. Shooting with any type of film leaves a lot of room for error. It takes a long time to swap out, when you run out. With all of the technology of today, I would recommend shooting digital with manual lenses. In the editing process, you can add that "vintage look" and 99 percent of people watching it would not have a clue that it was shot digitally with an effect added to it." Tuned for Part 2 of Jaime's Expert Tips!

Need Advice? Ask an Expert! Jaime Miller, Founder, Intensity Productions, a full service video production company, can provide expert insight & helpful answers to questions about Super 8 film & HD digital video for your wedding videography event or film making projects this summer!

Want More Helpful Wedding Videography Tips & Tricks?  Go to or Ask Dawn Rector, Marketing Director, at,,, or 317-643-0955.


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