How to Use Video to Educate Your Fitness Biz Members with the Top Fitness Trends of 2014

Want to be a healthy “Exercise Addict” for the Summer?  The ever-changing world of fitness has evolved into choreographed exercise classes inspired by physically extreme sports. High-intensity & short exercise classes “rule” for this summer’s workout routine. Inspire your members to TRY the newest “workout crazes” of Indoor Surfing, Aqua Cycling, & Trampoline Cardio in today’s fitness industry!

How about an educational video about the latest exercise classes for your members?

Indoor Surfing: Surfs up! Catch a wave with this indoor surfboard class. It's designed to get your body in “prime surfing shape.” Build up your leg strength & endurance, while involving multiple rotations of squats, hopping, abdominal works, & twisting jumps that imitate the movements of surfers in the ocean. Some physical therapists use indoor surfing to help rehabilitate their physical therapy (PT) patient’s bad joints & tissue injuries.

Aqua Cycling: Take the plunge with an underwater spinning class! Ride a stationary fitness bike submerged underwater in a pool. It achieves cardio effects with the resistance of water. Some physical therapists use aqua cycling for sports injuries or joint pain with their PT patients. Many fitness trainers recommend it as an alternative exercise plan for pregnant women.

Trampoline Cardio: Trampolining is a low-impact cardio workout that uses almost every muscle (stomach, arms and legs)It improves muscle tone, builds & strengthens bones & muscles (results in toning), better balance, coordination & good posture. Some physical therapists use trampoline cardio with their PT patients, while trying to rehabilitate their knee injuries.

Need Advice? Ask An Expert! Elysia Vaughan, Fitness Trainer & Beachbody Coach, can provide expert insight & help answer any questions about the trendiest summer workouts of 2014.

Want More Information on “How to Use Video to Educate Your Fitness Biz Members?” Go to or Ask Dawn Rector, Marketing Director, at, or 317-643-0955.


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