How to Use Video Marketing to Set Your Fitness Center Apart From Local Competitors

Has your Fitness Center staff helped members to reach their New Year resolution goals yet?   A Fitness Center is a temple of well-being for members.  Joining one (health or fitness club, wellness center, yoga hub, or gym) requires self-discipline, motivation, dedication & a long-term commitment .

What sets your Fitness Center apart from the local competition? Fitness is a profitable & competitive industry. Entice your members with a yoga and Pilates studio, lap pool, sauna, steam room, onsite spa (massages, facials, manicures & pedicures), tanning & child care services, juice bar or sportswear store.

How does video marketing benefit my Fitness Center? Video marketing can help recruit new members by increasing your Fitness Center’s brand awareness, sales, & marketing power of video. Expand your marketing efforts by informing & updating members about their personal health & fitness needs.

Video testimonials: Keys to success. Interview certified personal trainers, nutrition specialists & members by including their expert advice (health & fitness topics) & personal experiences (weight loss goals & training program). These experts will add credibility & make an impact to your video marketing campaign. Produce a video series (using exercise props & background music), so it gives your business a continuous flow & assists in brand recall.

High-quality & engaging content is king. A well-written video script is the foundation for a successful video. It plays a vital role in attracting new member’s attention to your video. Engaging content & thinking “outside-of-the-box” by using unconventional (unusual & different) videos will help gain new members & retain existing ones. Show off your “fitness personality” by posting funny videos, interesting incidents or success stories of your business.

Need Advice? Ask An Expert! Glenn Goodson, Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur, A-1 Boxing & Fitness, can provide expert insight & help answer any questions about your Fitness Center business.

Want More Information on “How to Use Video Marketing to Set Your Fitness Center Apart ?” Go to or Ask Dawn Rector, Marketing Director, at,, or 317-643-0955.


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