How to Use Video as a "Visual Storyteller" for Your Business in the New Digital Age of Technology

Latest Trend: Visual Storytelling

Is a picture is worth a thousand words?  Video is a supreme storytelling format. Visual storytelling is an art of conveying a message with visual images of a story. Print, digital, collages, & infographics have evolved in today’s digital age. Small businesses can utilize graphics & animation to help grow their business & gain more visibility.As business owners, we can help impact customers with the lasting power of photos in the promotional videos geared towards our business.

Videos, Images & Infographics: Stand out from the crowd. Separates engaging & quality content from disengaged content.

Visual Storytelling Shows & Doesn’t Tell. Showing is an influential way to communicate who you are and what you stand for as a business & brand.

Millennial Generation (18-33 years old): By 2017, Millennial will have the most buying power!  Showing your story helps them develop an emotional connection to you.

Introductory Video

Create an introductory video of your small business that tells your personal story of who you are, what you do, how it’s done, & why you do it. Why did you launch your brand? What are your core values? How do you get started? How can you make a difference in the                 world?

How-to Videos

Whether you provide a product or service, create how-to videos that demonstrate your employees or customers using the products or providing the service. If your career is video production/editing, create a video on how to brainstorm creative ideas and where to find the inspiration to create & produce videos.

Video Blogs

If you think your blog posts are getting “lost in the shuffle,” turn them into scripts. Record a video and publish it on your blog with a brief introduction. A video will help your audience put a personal face with a name/brand and develop a deeper & personal connection to you, as they’ll get to see and hear all about you.

What’s your story? Tell us why you started your own small business! We’ll share your “Personal Entrepreneur Success Story” on our Facebook page.

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