How Social Video Can Help Encourage Team Building In Your Business Family

 As a small business owner & parent of two kids, my Midwestern upbringing of “family values,” has guided my motherly instincts into a natural outlook that nothing is better than family. Traditional family values can be unintentionally overlooked in the “daily work grind.”  

Do you Treat your Business Family like your own Family Members?As the business grows, your focus often expands to which of your “business family members” come first. Building rapport, trust & loyalty with your employees shows them you genuinely care about their opportunity to grow & achieve within your company. Strive to value your employees “above all else” and find a family-based approach to recruiting & maintaining a loyal team to ensure future success.

Why NOT Produce & Upload a Social Video of your “Business Family?” Viral media campaigns are quite effective to a mass audience, but try digital storytelling which can be a powerful impact for your business. Every business has a story to tell, something that will connect potential customers to your brand. Tell “your story” by writing about your business to launch products & services, build trust, and inspire your employees & customers.

Share Videos to Partner Companies, Co-workers, Family & Friends: The best videos may be shared on your company’s Facebook page, YouTube account, Twitter feed, Google+, LinkedIn company and group page. Seek management approval before posting, which should be a no-brainer.

How Can We Help? Learn how to write your own script for your business video. We offer copy writing, public relations, marketing, social media promotion, photography, videography, and animation services.

Want more helpful tips on “How to Write & Produce a Social Video for Your Business?” Visit or ask Dawn Rector, Marketing Director, at,, or 317-643-0955.

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