How About A One-Of-A-Kind Personalized “Ultimate Graduation Gift” for Your Class of 2014 Senior Grad?

It seems just like yesterday when my oldest kid experienced his first day of Kindergarten, six years ago this October. This year, my youngest kid is graduating from Kindergarten. Even today, I can envision both kids waving to me while sprinting to the bus, (as if they are competing in an Olympic track event). As I tearfully waved back to them (last August & in 2008), I can vividly reflect back on the overachieving expressions on my boys' faces, eagerly anticipating the unknown "Kindergarten adventure" awaiting them.

Over the years, our loyal bus driver would always wait patiently so I could snap photos & videotape the kids excitedly posing in front of the yellow school bus. Unbeknownst to them, their “Kindergarten experience” is only the beginning of a milestone journey from early childhood to the teenage years. The senior year closes the twelve year chapter of the “final transformation” of Kindergartner to senior grad, which is an "ultimate lifetime achievement"  for my boys (or any parent's school-age kid.)

What about giving an “ultimate graduation gift” to your high school senior this year? Present your senior with a children’s story book with memorable reflections of their teacher’s school experiences with them. Choose your senior’s most beloved children’s story & include thirteen years of school memories, starting from the first to the last chapter of your senior’s life.

The “ultimate graduation gift” children’s story book would include hand-written personalized notes of memories (photos, CD’s, & DVD’s, too) from each of your kid’s teachers, including Kindergarten through senior year.  Ask each teacher about what their favorite school memory is during the special time they spent teaching your child. Teachers can mention your child’s interests/hobbies, best subject(s), after school activities/sporting events, & end of year classroom awards.

Got Photographer Talent? Consult with a professional photographer like Traci Trittipo with It’s Not Me, It’s You Photography about useful tips on learning the best ways of using your senior's graduation photos & (elementary, middle, & high school years, too) for their children’s story book.

Want more helpful tips on “How To Create the Ultimate Graduation Gift?” Go to or Ask Dawn Rector, Marketing Director, at,, , or 317-643-0955.

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