Grow Creative Kids by Helping Them Create a Valentine’s Day Video Gift for Loved Ones

As a kid growing up in Indiana, I idolized Picasso by transforming the annual Valentine’s Day card into my own artistic masterpiece. I built a time capsule of “love-filled cards” for my family & friends as a memorable life event, especially for them. My ambitious goal was to cover the entire card with heart stickers, hugs and kisses & heart-shaped suckers. So, after realizing my genetic makeup didn’t consist of any “natural born” artistic talents, I kept my career in the marketing world.

Imagine us as kids again, tastefully devouring the conversational hearts of chocolate kisses attached to our Valentine's Day cards . Nowadays, our kids come home from school with overflowing goodie bags filled with the traditional chocolate kisses & candy hearts, but with character-themed heart suckers.

Inspire your kid’s creativity by helping them film a “how to” video of making their own family charm bracelet for Valentine’s Day. How about making a custom charm bracelet for each family member ? Any charm bracelet tells a story of a wearer’s life of who they are, were, and what made them the person they are today. Each charm on the bracelet should have a special meaning to each of your kid’s family member.

Choose a charm bracelet that symbolizes & fits your family’s lifestyle. Pick something that represents us as a person like a hobby, birthstone or important life event. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a heart or cupid charm with your son/daughter’s name or the year engraved on the bottom.

Why not TRY a candy-free Valentine option, to decrease the “sugar rush” aftermath with our kids, while creating a cherished childhood moment? Valentine’s Day custom “video gifts” are a token of our child’s love which grows into a precious keepsake that lasts a lifetime.

Want more helpful tips on “How to Create a Video?" Visit or ask Dawn Rector, Marketing Director, at , , or 317-643-0955.

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